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Antelope Valley Existing Home Market

– June existing home sales (495) fell -10.6% vs. June of 2011 – the average selling price in June though was up +3% ($141,282) vs. June of 2011 – 40% of all sales in June were foreclosures, with 30% being short sales – this means that 70% of all sales were some type of ‚Äúdistressed … Continue reading

FHA loan refinance opportunity.

Since I stay informed about special programs that will help my clients, I wanted to let you know about the fact that FHA has rolled out a new FHA refinance program for people that currently have FHA loans. FHA has made it a lot easier for people to get approved for this program so if … Continue reading

Paid to short sale your home?

Good morning, If you haven’t already heard, banks are offering sellers incentives to do a short sale. ¬†That’s right, chase is one of the more aggressive banks, is offering up to $35,000! Sounds crazy but it’s true, they’ve realized in may be better to cut their losses sooner rather than later. By the time they … Continue reading